Pablo Voitzuk does some of everything at Apollo, helping in the field, in the mill, and on the road selling the finished product. He also makes all the table olives for the family meals. He was born in Argentina, and traveled widely before settling here with us. When he cooks, we know our horizons will be expanded!


Pablo's California Zinfandel Chicken

This is my Californian version of a Coq au Vin or the Italian Pollo al Barolo.
Our Zinfandels tend to be big and intense, even rustic, which perfectly suits this recipe. As always, don't cook with a wine you wouldn't want to drink.
You can accompany the chicken with rice, quinoa or potatoes. I like the option of steamed or boiled potatoes, since they'll show the sauce to best effect.

1 organic chicken
1 bottle of Californian Zinfandel (choose one rich in tannins)
1 cup of white flour
3 garlic cloves
6 scallions
3 shallots
4 leeks
1 cup of broth made out of celery, onion and carrots.
A few thyme and oregano sprigs
Apollo Sierra

Skin the chicken and cut the fat off.
Cut the chicken in small pieces.
Place the pieces in a bowl and coat them with the flour.
Let it rest 5 minutes.
In a large frying pan place the chicken and saute it with the garlic, the shallots and thyme sprigs in olive oil until golden. Time to time, add a bit of the broth to the sautéing.
Add the wine and cook over a very low fire, letting it reduce. It may take about 40-45 minutes
Blanch the scallions and the leeks.
Cut them into small pieces.
Add them along with a few oregano and a couple of thyme springs for the last five minutes of cooking.
Drizzle with Apollo Sierra Serve on top of the potatoes (if you want, you can include some sweet potatoes, too).

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