Organic olive orchards in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California
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Here we all are. You can reach any one of us at:

Phone: (877) 776-0703
Mail: Apollo Olive Oil
P.O.Box: 1054
Oregon House, CA 95962

Steven Dambeck is the well-traveled founding father of Apollo Olive Oil.

Gianni Stefanini joined Steven some years back, as the company grew beyond a one-man operation. Now, Gianni is the head miller - and good thing! As a native Italian, he understands the fine points of Dr. Mugelli's milling techniques, which has made it possible to increase the polyphenol content of our oils.

Diana Stefanini helps with every aspect of Apollo Olive Oil including formulating sales strategies and budgets, bottling, cleaning the mill, and keeping the hungry millers well fed.

Umberto Stefanini is the Stefanini's teenage son. He is a miller in training and already showing great promise. He took to the forklift like a fish to water. You will probably also see him with his parents at festivals selling the oil he helped to make.

Behind the scenes, Steve McCulley takes care of email to, mans the phone, maintains the website, and keeps the books.

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