Mistral, Sierra, Barouni olive oil bottles with food.

Olive Oil Price and Quality Comparison
Brand Region Certified Extra Virgin Certified Organic Best of Show and Best of Class in last 2 years at the LA County International Olive Oil Competition Internet Price as of 10/31/09 Cost per oz.
Apollo California $19.95/375ml $1.58
McEvoy California $22.00/375ml $1.74
Figueroa California $16.95/375ml $1.34
Nunez de Prado Spain $17.99/750ml $.71
Pasolivo California $18.00/200ml $2.69
Balzana California $17.95/375ml $1.41
Laudemio Italy $35.99/500ml $2.15
Olio Verde Italy $31.99/500ml $1.92
Apollo Salute California $12.95/500ml $.77
Apollo Salute Box California $150.00/2.5 gal $.47
Spectrum California $16.95/750ml $.68
Napa Valley Naturals California $10.49/500ml $.63
Da Vero California $28.00/375ml $2.22
O Olive Oil California $8.99/200ml $1.35
Lucini Italy $17.39/500ml $1.04
St. Pierre Italy $14.99/500ml $.90
Bariani California $11.50/500ml $.69

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